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With its new MOMO®product line, Vogel's presents monitor mounts that meet all requirements thanks to their flexibility and modularity. Thanks to the modular design, the configuration possibilities are endless. Use MOMO for one, two or a whole range of monitors. Whether on a desk, a counter, a control desk or on the wall; whether arranged above or next to each other or in an arc: MOMO always fits.

The product line comprises two series: MOMO Motion and MOMO Motion+ . Both series offer the user maximum flexibility and optimum ergonomic comfort. The MOMO Motion+ also offers OneFinger™ Movement. This is a movable spring system that allows the monitor to be moved into any position with just one finger.


Display for the thickness of the desk
The intelligent desk clamp can be easily adjusted to the thickness of the work surface.

Integrated tool
The entire system is designed so that you can install it quickly and easily with just a single hexagon key, which is included in the scope of delivery and neatly attached to the product.

Cable routing
Cable routing system with cable clips for neatly concealing and routing cables

Weight indicator
Thanks to the optical weight indicator, the dynamic monitor mount is easy to adjust.


MOMO MotionMOMO Motion+
Possible for one or two monitorsOne or more monitors
For max. 43 inch monitorsFor max. 43 inch monitors
Up to 20kgUp to 10kg
-OneFingerTM Movement spring system
-Maximum flexibility

Vogel's MOMO is now also available at Kindermann.

Increase installation productivity with Chief's new TEMPO® FLAT PANEL WALL MOUNT SYSTEM!
This pre-configurable all-in-one wall mount system is designed to optimize workflow efficiency, increase installation productivity and boost profits.


All players, such as small PCs or wireless receivers, can be attached to the mounting plates included in the scope of delivery in advance of installation. All you need to do on site is mount the bracket itself and the display. The prepared mounting plates are simply and quickly clipped into the bracket during installation.

There is enough space behind the display holder for the invisible installation of smaller AV devices. The mounting plates supplied are Middle Atlantic's Lever Lock™ system.

The variable VESA mount of up to 970 x 450 mm makes it easy to mount most displays up to 86".


  • Easy service access
  • The scope of delivery already includes two Lever Lock™ plates, smaller AV devices and cables
  • The mounting plates for feeders, for example, can be moved along the mounting rail for optimum positioning of the components
  • 10° adjustable display tilt in 2.5° steps

This means that there is enough space behind the display holder for the invisible installation of smaller AV devices

Chief's TEMPO® FLAT PANEL WALL MOUNT SYSTEM is ideal for mass installations. Now available from us!

The new ProBeam projector BU53RG from LG Electronics ensures a first-class display with DLP laser projection. Razor-sharp 4K quality (3,840 x 2,160) at 5,000 ANSI lumens brightness, a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 and HDR10 support ensure powerful images. Flexible installation is enabled by the lens shift and small projection ratio. The BU53RG offers multiple options with 2 HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port, 2 USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity.


  •  Laser projector (DLP) with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160)
  •  High brightness of up to 5,000 ANSI lumens,
  •  Contrast ratio 3,000,000:1 and HDR10 support
  •  Lens shift: Horizontal ± 20% and vertical ± 50% 
  •  Projection ratio 0.94 - 1.14:1
  •  2 x HDMI (1 in, 1 out, including ARC), RS-232C, 2 x USB 2.0, Audio Out and RJ45
  • Bluetooth (audio) and screen share for wireless transmission from smartphone and tablet
  • Integrated speakers with 2 x 5W power

The LG ProBeam BU53RG is now available.

Hall Technologies, American manufacturer for signal management products of all kinds, has announced its strategic withdrawal from the European region and will focus on the American market in the future.

As a result of this announcement, Hall Technologies products will no longer be distributed by us in the future.

We are now a distributor for the renowned AV mounting solutions from Vogel's. Until now, we have been acting as a distributor, especially for the RISE lift systems. With the appointment of our Kindermann GmbH as official distributor for Germany, Vogel's intensifies the cooperation.

As a distributor for Vogel's, we can now offer the full range of AV Professional products. Our customers benefit from a wide range of mounting solutions for all requirements, fast delivery and qualified support for projects.

Vogel's RISE
Motorized display lift systems

A range of motorized display lift systems that allow you to intuitively and safely position your display in the right place and at the right height. Always safe, thanks to the durable and elegant design that meets the highest international safety standards. Top-down mounting guarantees easy and quick installation.

  • Suitable for large displays up to 86 inches and weighing up to 120 kg.
  • Height electrically adjustable up to 980 mm.
  • Motorized movement at 50 or 80 mm per second with the QuickRise™ system.
  • Very user-friendly. Quite intuitively, you can raise the display to the desired height at the touch of a button.
  • Expandable with a wide range of accessories

Vogel's wall mounts 

PFW 4000 series: Attractive design and affordable price
With the PFW 4000 series, Vogel's offers reliable wall mounts for displays between 10 inches and 80 inches. The wall mounts allow for completely flat wall installation and are available in fixed or tilt versions. The tilt is gradual so that even displays mounted further up can be easily viewed and read.

PFW 6000 Series: Heavy Duty Wall Mounts
The design of the PFW 6000 series is robust yet elegant. Here, too, there are various models, either as fixed wall mounts or as wall mounts that can be tilted up to 15°. High quality and easy installation are the focus here. For example, post-installation alignment, self-centering screws, and easy access for maintenance. And all this for displays up to a maximum of 120 inches in size and 230 kg in weight.

XXL wall mounts: For heavy displays weighing up to 227 kg
Robust yet flexible - that's what the XXL series offers with this range of display wall mounts. And each one has its own special features. Even the heaviest displays can be rotated and tilted effortlessly and can even be brought from horizontal to vertical view in a single movement

Vogel's Connect-it
Modular solutions for universal wall, ceiling and floor mounts for all types of displays.

A limited number of components for unlimited possibilities!

The modularity of Connect-it is unique. With just a few standard components, you can create a solution for almost any situation, whether wall, ceiling or floor mount, mobile or fixed.

The portfolio ranges from basic solutions for a single display to more complex solutions for multiple displays, for example back-to-back, side-by-side and even floor-to-ceiling.

Even video wall solutions of all kinds are no problem in combination with Connect-it components.

To make your selection easier, you will find predefined standard complete sets in our range.

Our CablePorts with integrated USB charger have received an upgrade. From now on, we equip the connector panels with a modern USB charger with a USB-C and a USB-A interface. The USB-C port supports USB PowerDelivery 3.0 with up to 30 watts, the USB-A port supports the QuickCharge 3.0 fast charging protocol.

This means that smartphones and tablets will be charged even faster in the future, but the power will also be sufficient for economical notebooks.

Loading profiles

  • Charging profiles USB-A: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 20V/1.5A
  • USB-C charging profiles: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A
  • Charging profile combined A + C: 2x 5V/1.2 A

Without the device connected, the idle power consumption is an environmentally friendly 0.1 W, which is easy on the wallet.

You can find an overview of the available models in the webshop.

We expanded our signal management portfolio with the new MultiSwitch 21 HDBT. The multi-format switch for HDMI, USB-C incl. USB data signals consists of a receiver as well as a transmitter unit and is ideal for the use of UC equipment in conference rooms.

With the Kindermann MultiSwitch 21 HDBT, signal management in conference rooms becomes child's play. The signals are transmitted to the display via HMDI cable. USB signals from UC equipment such as video soundbars and cameras connected to the display via USB are also sent back to the transmitter in the same way. If a Speakerphone is used at the conference table, it is connected directly to the transmitter. The USB-C interface supports PD 3.0 with a charging current of up to 60 W. Of course, KVM applications can also be realized with the MultiSwitch.

One cable for all signals

The multi-format switcher for HDMI, incl. USB 2.0 data signals and USB-C supports resolutions up to 4K/60 (4:4:4) as well as HDCP 2.2. All data is thereby transmitted via HD-BaseT 3.0 uncompressed with a maximum of 18 Gbit/s over a distance of up to 100 meters via a single CAT 6/7 without loss. Thanks to Power over Cable, the transmitter and receiver set requires only one power supply.

Wide range of control options

The Kindermann MultiSwitch 21 HDBT can be easily integrated into the corporate network, where it can also be controlled via a web interface. Alternatively, the switcher can be controlled via the front panel buttons, RS232, IP and contact inputs. Video input signals are automatically detected via 5V or TMDS detection.The new working worlds are also changing the equipment of conference and meeting rooms, making UC equipment essential today. With the MultiSwitch 21 HDBT, Kindermann meets these new requirements.

The new 4K digital signage projector is suitable for a variety of environments, including art galleries, exhibition spaces, corporate lobbies, retail stores, showrooms, conference halls and auditoriums. It delivers sharp, impressively large images and has a peak brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens - the highest of any LG projector to date. 

Pin sharp in daylight

The LG ProBeam produces images in 4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) with a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 and an image size of up to 300 inches. With a peak brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens, the BU70QGA delivers clear images even in bright daylight. In addition, the projector features a reliable laser light source, lens shift, 1.6x optical zoom, built-in wireless connectivity, and a built-in camera to help with setup and positioning.

Perfectly connected

Edge blending technology allows seamless connection of two or more projectors by adjusting brightness, as well as color correction. Thanks to this advanced technology, up to nine BU70QGA can be used together to create true panoramic images. Especially for museums and art galleries this function is very interesting.

With the BU70QGA's automatic image adjustment, users can quickly calibrate the image to the projection surface and correct image distortion with the touch of a button. If the projection angle does not match the screen, AI sensor technology automatically adjusts the projected image to ensure the best viewing experience. 

Thanks to a powerful SoC (system-on-chip), the projector can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, play content smoothly, and optimize user experience with an intuitive user interface. The BU70QGA can also connect to LG ConnectedCare, LG's cloud-based device management solution for digital signage and display devices. 

Designed for the commercial market, LG's ProBeam projectors offer multiple, customizable options that allow customers to create professional AV systems tailored to their specific needs.

ADECIA lets your hybrid working environment appear in a new sound. ADECIA sees itself as a total solution that intelligently combines all components of a professional audio system for your UC applications. 

Now available at Kindermann ! 

ADECIA stands for: 

  • Immediate implementation of a high-quality audio setup in your (existing) technical infrastructure, from sound input to output 
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Simple, intuitive and fast configuration 
  • Excellent audio quality, regardless of room conditions 
  • Ceiling, wireless or tabletop solution offer maximum flexibility for any requirement 

Maximum flexibility

ADECIA offers all components for a perfect audio setup. From voice recording via various microphones with built-in DSP technology, to innovative sound processing and a PoE-powered active speaker system.

The individual components are connected to each other by Cat cable via a PoE+ network switch.

Structure - The heart 

The RM-CR conference processor automatically detects all Yamaha Dante® microphones and speakers on the same network. At startup, it automatically determines the optimal sound settings for the environment, taking into account not only the locations of the speakers and microphones, but also the reverberation and echo characteristics of the room.

Automatic fine-tuning is easily performed in five steps via a web-based interface. The RM-CG performs automatic mixing of all connected Dante audio sources and can additionally handle signals from dynamic microphones, analog line-level inputs, USB, Bluetooth and SIP telephony.

Microphones - RM-CG

The RM-CG dynamic ceiling beam microphone features multi-beam tracking technology that focuses on voices. Through the special spiral arrangement of its microphone elements, the RM-CG provides a very narrow, precise beam for voice capture, while consistent background noise is cancelled out by Yamaha's advanced noise reduction algorithms and Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD). When combined with beam-tracking technology, individual voices are recorded clearly, even when more than one person is speaking. A single LAN cable provides Dante audio, control and power.

The three included mounting kits (ceiling mount, VESA and wire mount) allow installation in any room.


The ADECIA Tabletop solution features Yamaha's renowned audio technologies, such as Auto Voice Tracking, which tracks participants' speech for optimal capture. The easy installation of the microphones and innovative voice capture allow for great flexibility in designing the arrangement of furniture in the room. Thanks to six individually selectable room capture patterns, the solution can be customized to your specific use case and number of participants. These modes can be used, for example, to divide rooms into individual zones for different participants.


The wireless microphone solution is available in 4 microphone variants to support a variety of conference formats: 2 boundary microphones with different polar patterns and 2 gooseneck microphones with long or short neck.

RM-W System Example

The wireless access point acts as a receiver and antenna. ADECIA's wireless solution is available with 8 channels (RM-WAP-8) or 16 channels (Dual RM-WAP-8). The Luxul AMS1208P, for example, can serve as the network switch.

The wireless system is based on the DECT standard, so there is no interference from existing W-LANs. The solution is designed to be protected in terms of information loss and data security.


Analog audio systems for wall or ceiling installation or column speakers based on Dante® are available as loudspeakers. You can choose from several bundles including the appropriate amplifier and signal processor. This ensures an optimal audio experience.

The Adecia system consisting of a ceiling microphone and the column speakers is in use in our conference room.

Please contact us for a live demonstration. The devices are already available.

Everyone talks about sustainability, but we're tackling it. At our next trade fair appearance at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, we will be presenting our new products on an absolutely innovative stand made entirely of compostable, forward-looking composite panels.

A real world first!

At the upcoming ISE in Barcelona, we are setting a real sign for sustainability. Our Marketing Manager Dominic Hoffmann came up with the idea when he and his children built a gingerbread house that was completely eaten within a few days. Why not find a material for the trade fair stand that is made from renewable raw materials and, in the best case, is still edible, but at least compostable? The solution was not that far away.

The region around Würzburg, where we have our headquarters, is known for the cultivation of sugar beets. When sugar is extracted, what remains is a thick syrup called molasses. Together with the stand builder and Prof. Dr. Reiner Süssmut, various materials were then researched and tested in the laboratory. The result is impressive. The result was composite panels made of molasses and corn granules. Once cured, they are particularly load-bearing and robust. On the other hand, they can be completely composted.

"To bite into - how would it be if we could eat our trade show booth together at the end? Sure, in the end everything is always cooked hotter than it's eaten - but between you and me, wouldn't it be nice if trade show booths could be completely recycled without harming the environment?"
Dominic Hoffmann, Marketing Manager of Kindermann GMBH

Prof. Dr. Reiner Süssmut
The composite panels made of molasses and corn granules - once cured, they are particularly load-bearing and robust

The premiere

This innovation will be presented to an international audience for the first time at ISE 2024. The Kindermann stand made of sugar-corn panels is manufactured exclusively from resource-saving materials from the home country. For the last day of the trade fair, we invite all visitors to the big "dismantling event" so that they can see the innovation for themselves.

Regionally rooted - sugar refinery in the Ochsenfurt area. Cleverly used waste products for more sustainability.

"Kindermann is known for innovation, quality and sustainability. So I am very pleased that we can set a unique example with this future-oriented trade fair concept. But at ISE 2024 not only the booth will be sustainable, but also all posters, flyers and other documents, because they will be printed on edible paper. This saves paper and gives our consultations a sweet taste,"
says Timo Meißner with a twinkle in his eye, Managing Director of Kindermann GmbH.

Whether machined, milled, sawn, sanded or painted, the new composite material is in no way inferior to the conventionally used sheet material in terms of processing.

"This may sound a bit strange at first, but we are already looking forward to the end of the trade fair! We cordially invite all visitors to help us dismantle our booth. All components would even be edible. Ok, I'll concede that they should be soaked before consumption. Of course, we have also come up with a suitable supporting program with music and a happy hour," says Dominic Hoffmann, Marketing Manager of Kindermann GmbH.

You want to convince yourself that this is not just an April Fool's joke (due to the publication date)? Click here to go to the booth.

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