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Future-proof, modular and versatile!

With the modular connection system, computer, video, audio, control as well as network connections can be easily integrated into switch frames, desk connection panels, floor tanks and 19 inch racks.

This finally puts an end to unsightly cables lying around or hanging! Choose from the most extensive product range on the market. The modular system can be expanded with new interfaces at any time and offers high operational reliability for a long time.

Our Konnect Module Planner

The new online product configurator for the installation of Kindermann Konnect connection panels.

Determine application area > Select interfaces > Save

The Konnect family

The connection panels are available for the different application areas as well as in different shapes and materials in high quality design.

Application areas

Konnect design click

Konnect 50 alu

Konnect 54 alu

Konnect flex 45 click
Switch programsYesYesYes
CablePort desk²
CablePort standard²
CablePort flex
CablePort flex module rack
CablePort Office
Floor tankYes
19 inch rack bezelYes

Rear designs

Optionally available with solder connection, as plug-in version (gender changer) or with cable whip.

The connection panels with cable whips are mostly available in 3 versions:

  • approx. 20 cm cable whip with socket/socket
  • approx. 1 m cable whip with socket/plug
  • approx. 3 m cable whip with socket/plug

Konnect design click

Media technology perfectly integrated

  • Modern and attractive design
  • Without visible screws for perfect optical integration
  • Front panel made of white plastic (RAL 9010)
  • Extensive range of data and AV interfaces
  • High flexibility - individually configurable according to customer requirements
  • Simple assembly
  • Suitable for the current switch programs of the leading manufacturers

Front panels in three sizes included in the scope of delivery

  • For switch programs with internal dimensions of 50 x 50 mm, 54 x 54 mm and 55 x 55 mm.

Metal support/mounting frame

  • With mounted interface
  • Insulated for ground-free installation

The installation with the "click

  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Tool-free

Installation scheme for a switch frame

Plastic front panelsIf required: intermediate frameSwitch frameMetal support/mounting frameCavity wall box / parapet channel

Black is beautiful

Switch ranges in black or anthracite are very much in vogue.
The Kindermann Konnect design click panels are now also available in anthracite.

To match the new design ranges from major manufacturers such as Gira, Berker, Busch-Jaeger and Jung, to name but a few, the front panels of the Konnect design click panels are now also available in anthracite; the sizes 50×50 mm and 55×55 mm are available as accessory sets for the standard panels.

Konnect flex 45 click

Quick mounting due to front detent

  • Simple and quick assembly without tools
  • All common interfaces available
  • Visually improved appearance without visible screw connections thanks to flush integration of almost all interface types
  • Flexible: Requirements change over the years. Our CablePorts future-proof, the bezels can be unlocked and replaced on the back.
  • Also suitable for 45 mm parapet channels with a minimum installation depth of 60 mm

Konnect 50/54 alu

Installation scheme for a switch frame with surface box

Connection panels with 50 x 50 mm or 54 x 54 mmIf required: intermediate frame from Kindermann or switch manufacturerSwitch frameMounting frame 7442000001 (mandatory)Surface or cavity wall box

Compatibility list

ManufacturerProgramKonnect alu 50Konnect alu 54Konnect design
BerkerS1, B1, B3, B7 Glass, Module 2, Arsys, K.1/K.5, 21YesYes
BerkerS1, B1, B3, B7 GlassYesYes
Busch-JaegerSolo, Future (Linear), Carat, Alpha exlusive, Alpha nea, Impuls, Busch-axent Pur stainless steelYesYes
Busch-JaegerReflex SI (linear), Duro 2000 Si (linear), balance SIYesYes
ElsoRiva, Scala, Fashion (each only with ELSO combination frame 55 x 55), JoyYes
GiraEvent, E2, E22 white, Esprit, Standard 55, Stainless steel, Aluminum, S-Color, Surface, S-Classic, E22, Classix (with Gira intermediate frame)YesYes
GiraEvent, E2, E22 white, Esprit, Standard 55YesYes
YoungA 500, AS 500, AS universal, A plus, A creation,
LS design, AS universal, CD 500, ST 550, CD universal, CD plus
YoungA 500, AS 500, AS universal, A plus, A creation,
LS design, LS 990, LS plus, LS 990, stainless steel, aluminum, anthracite, bright chrome, gold (with additional intermediate frame)
Hager/TehalitKallysto pure, Kallysto style, Kallysto artYesYes
KoppParis, object HK05YesYes
Legrand-BTicinoCreo, Galea LifeYesYes
MertenAtelier, M-Arc, M-Plan, M-Smart, M-Plan II, M1, M-Star, Artec, Antik, Octocolor, System Basis, System Fläche, System M, TranscentYesYes
MertenAtelier, M-Arc, M-Plan, M-Smart, 1-M, M-StarYesYes
PehaStandard, Dialog, Nova, AuraYesYes
Presto VedderRegina, Alessa, Alessa Plus, FiorenaYesYes
SiemensDelta i System, Delta vita, Delta miro, Delta profil, Delta style, Delta ambienteYesYes
SiemensDelta i System, Delta vita, Delta miro, Delta profil, Delta style, Delta ambiente each in conjunction with Siemens intermediate frame 55 x 55 mmYesYes
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