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Transport damage

Important information, please note!

In order to be able to file claims for compensation with transport insurance companies, representatives of the delivering transport companies must be informed of any damage in good time. 

  • Externally visible damage or loss must be certified on the accompanying documents by the carrier before acceptance of the shipment.
  • Concealed damage that only becomes visible during unpacking must be reported to us immediately in writing.

The following deadline must be observed:
Parcel services, DHL and forwarders within 7 days after receipt of the shipment! 

  1. In any case, leave the goods and packaging unchanged, do not use the goods yet.
  2. Document the damage with a digital camera.
  3. Report the damage (to the contact person noted on the delivery bill).

Kindermann requires original accompanying documents of the shipment with confirmation of damage.

Without these documents and after exceeding the above deadline, settlement of the damage is not possible!

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