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ISE - 2024

There was a lot of new things to marvel at this year too! Here is a small selection of some real highlights:

Andy Fox aka Andreas Fuchs, EX-Pro racing driver

72-hour race in Barcelona:
ISE 2024

No, don't worry - the 72 hours are divided into short stages. This way, you will be presented with the latest news from us and our distribution partners quickly and entertainingly.

Our racing reporter Andy Fox knows what speed means. The former racing driver knows the finer points on the track and today as a coach. With his ability to react quickly and his feel for the essentials, he is the ideal interview partner to present the innovations of ISE to you in an entertaining way.

We use our pole position at Kindermann - be prepared for your 2024 business race.

Interview with Jens Zechmeister, Boris Gromodka and Franz Schindler<br/>Kindermann  GmbH<br/>

Interview with Jens Zechmeister, Boris Gromodka and Franz Schindler
Kindermann GmbH

Interview with Mike Blackman, <br/>Managing Director ISE

Interview with Mike Blackman,
Managing Director ISE

Interview with Markus Deserno,<br/>Partner Invidis Impact

Interview with Markus Deserno,
Partner Invidis Impact

After a phenomenal start, we make our first pit stop at Vogel's - a strong "stop"!

Interview with Bernd Meyer,<br/>Sales Manager Pro-AV, Vogel's Germany

Interview with Bernd Meyer,
Sales Manager Pro-AV, Vogel's Germany

With a short lateral acceleration, we land at MAXHUB - everyone is amazed at the newcomer in the ProAV race.

Interview with Vincent Cai,<br/>Customer Consultant, MAXHUB

Interview with Vincent Cai,
Customer Consultant, MAXHUB

With maximum grip, we stay on track on the way to Ecler.

Interview with Jens Bange,<br/>Sales Manager NEEC Audio Germany

Interview with Jens Bange,
Sales Manager NEEC Audio Germany

What a feast for the eyes, we come to a halt at the Philips stand with a spectacular drift.

Interview with Werner Beschenar,<br/>Key Account Manager Philips Europe

Interview with Werner Beschenar,
Key Account Manager Philips Europe

Brand diversity that inspires, not only in racing, but also at Legrand.

Interview with Guido Kratzenberg,<br/>Senior Business Development Manager DACH, LEGRAND AV

Interview with Guido Kratzenberg,
Senior Business Development Manager DACH, LEGRAND AV

Optoma offers optimum acceleration for an impressive viewing experience.

Interview with Dmitry Chelnokov,<br/>Technical Product Specialist, Optoma Germany

Interview with Dmitry Chelnokov,
Technical Product Specialist, Optoma Germany

We reach Bose Professional, known for perfect audio enjoyment, with a powerful engine sound.

Interview with Katharina Merz and Elmira Moraveji,<br/> Bose Professional

Interview with Katharina Merz and Elmira Moraveji,
Bose Professional

Now it's getting loud, the fans are going wild, and we end up right next to Yamaha on the racing line.

Interview with Norbert Augusto<br/>Business Development Manager, Yamaha Music Europe

Interview with Norbert Augusto
Business Development Manager, Yamaha Music Europe

racing cars make the hearts of racing fans beat faster, just like Sony in the ProAV world.

Interview with Thomas Eisentraut,<br/>Business Development Manager, Sony Europe

Interview with Thomas Eisentraut,
Business Development Manager, Sony Europe

On the home straight, we take a turn towards Newline for a fantastic finish.

Interview with Juan Pablo Silvestre,<br/>Product Manager, Newline Interactive

Interview with Juan Pablo Silvestre,
Product Manager, Newline Interactive

Impressed by the Impressions

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