Press release | June 1, 2022

Intermediate victory
against Barco

Although the decision is not yet final, as Barco can still appeal, Kindermann sees the ruling as a clear signal. At the center of all the disputes is "KLICK&SHOW", Kindermann's wireless presentation solution, which has now grown into a comprehensive product family.

Kindermann had already filed an opposition against Barco's patent with the European Patent Office in 2018. The company was not alone here; other providers of similar collaboration solutions also challenged the patent. Now, the European Patent Office has decided in the first instance that the inventive step of the described technical features is not sufficient to maintain the patent for Clickshare.

In 2018, Kindermann launched "KLICK&SHOW ". This was already a thorn in Barco's side at the time and it tried to obtain a sales ban, but to no avail. The lawsuits of the Belgian manufacturer were rejected by courts in Germany and the Netherlands, and appeals are also underway. It will be interesting to see the final verdicts.

"We are very pleased with this interim victory. Unfortunately, such proceedings are very lengthy and we will have to exercise patience until the final decisions are made. The positive trend and the success of KLICK&SHOW encourage us to continue to consistently expand the product family," says Timo Meißner, Managing Director of Kindermann GmbH.

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