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MAXHUB - Conferencing

MAXHUB's diverse products are suitable for office use as well as for home office needs and make an important contribution to the hybrid working world!

MAXHUB was founded by CVTE in 2017 to bring innovative UC solutions to the market, among others. CVTE is one of the leading suppliers of TV electronics and interactive displays. The company has been dedicated to research for years and holds more than 4,000 patents around Al (Artificial Intelligence), audio algorithms, video image processing and wireless transmission technologies. These shape the MAXHUB UC product line and make them technologically leading solutions.


All-in-one conference system

It combines camera, speakers, microphones, Android system and wireless screen transmission in one device. If the camera is connected to a display via HDMI, a video conference can be joined directly via e.g. Teams or Zoom. Power can be supplied via network cable (PoE) or power supply unit.

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All-in-one Ultra HD USB Videobar

It combines camera, speakers and microphones in one device. The smart features such as auto-framing, speaker tracking and echo cancellation ensure optimal video conferencing.

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The Premium UHD 4K PTZ Camera

The premium UHD 4K MAXHUB PTZ Camera UC P25 is the latest generation of professional cameras for conference applications. The different output interfaces like HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0 and 2 network streams provide a suitable video stream for every requirement.

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The Premium HD PTZ Camera

Premium performance and professional quality at perfect price! Professional HD 1080p PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom. MAXHUB's UC portfolio also covers larger applications. For medium to large rooms, it is recommended to use the PTZ cameras.

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Bluetooth Speakerphone

Crystal clear sound combined with a large pick-up range transforms any small to medium sized room into a video conference room. The BM35 is optimized so that human voices can be heard clearly, while its hi-fi sound quality also provides an exceptional listening experience when playing music or videos.

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Conference webcam

Set up your working environment compatible with your conferencing software (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or similar applications) with MAXHUB's communication solutions.

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All-in-one - 360° panoramic camera

Right in the middle instead of just being there! The UC M40 offers an all-round view thanks to its 4 cameras. Remote participants are thus more naturally integrated into the conference.

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180° panoramic camera

It enables video conferencing even in the smallest huddle spaces. Combined with the UC BM35, you have a complete conferencing experience in the smallest of spaces.

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Improve your collaboration.


Outstanding picture and professional sound ensure you see every face and hear every word, while the built-in Android 9 operating system provides effortless connectivity. Installation and operation are so easy, nothing gets in the way of productive meetings.

Wireless screen sharing / Parallel WLAN connections

As a communication hub for meetings, the UC S15 allows for easy sharing of ideas, images as well as data and ensures the efficient running of the meeting. With the optional WT03 USB dongle, sharing the screen is effortless.

A forward-looking camera

Autoframing, 5x digital zoom, 120° viewing angle, 12 MP, 3 preset camera positions.

The UC S15 combines precision optics with intelligent features to provide the best image quality with autoframing in both small and large conference rooms.

The speaker in focus

3 preset camera positions

120° field of view

Simply start

From initial installation to setup and daily use, the MAXHUB UC S15 represents simplicity and maximizes meeting efficiency.

The All-in-One Ultra-HD USB Videobar.


Smart Plug & Play with All-in-One USB BYOD

Hear and be heard everywhere with microphones with 8 m speech pickup

Always see and be seen with UHD 4K video and built-in AI features

3 years hot-swap warranty

Make room

For meetings in huddle rooms for 2 to 8 people, UC S07 offers exceptional, integrated features in a compact USB-Videobar.

2 people

5 people

8 people

Intelligent Plug and Play


Perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments and features an integrated camera, microphones and speakers.

Quickly ready for use

All you need are two cables - one for power (PoE) and a USB Type-C cable.

Hands-free activation

Thanks to the PIR sensor and hands-free function, the device automatically turns on when motion is detected within a 3m radius. It switches to standby mode if no motion is detected within 30 minutes, which reduces energy consumption.

Track people

Filter noise

Hear clearly

See every detail

Razor-sharp focus from wide-angle to close-up.

Meetings have never looked better.


Superior 4K camera quality meets state-of-the-art remote control for a natural meeting experience with the UC P25. The UC P25 is MAXHUB's premium PTZ camera for businesses looking for unparalleled quality.

With the adaptable camera, you can instantly transform your medium to large Meeting spaces into the perfect environment for hybrid working. Whisper-quiet mechanical elements put the right focus on every meeting, while low-lux technology ensures image quality.

Premium Visuals

The UC P25 8MP camera's superior UHD imaging technology delivers impressive, vivid video and crisp images for any meeting. The 192x zoom keeps the image sharpness constant, regardless of the number of participants.

  • Sony 1/2.5″ CMOS sensor
  • 8MP camera
  • 12x optical zoom
  • 16x digital zoom

Always the best image quality

With intelligent MAXHUB Low-Lux technology, state-of-the-art algorithms ensure that colors and details are always perfectly displayed even in low light. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) neutralize glare as well as shadows and ensure a balanced image in difficult lighting conditions.

Low-LUX technology ensures that less light is needed to produce a clear image.

2D and 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) results in sharp images - even in low light conditions.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) uses image exposure to balance the brightness of objects. This creates perfect contrast for a clear, visually pleasing image.

Intelligent, adaptive and versatile

The UC P25's adaptive PTZ system is whisper-quiet and captures video quickly and accurately for smooth meetings. With a diagonal field of view of 82.8°, you'll have every team member in view. An integrated gravity sensor automatically adjusts the camera to your chosen mounting.

Pan ±170°

Tilt ±30°

HFoV 71°

Simple plug and play

Highest quality made simple. High-quality conferencing shouldn't be complicated. The UC P25 works with all major UC platforms and is USB compatible. HDMI and LAN ports are also provided, so you're ready for any conferencing scenario.

  • 3 video output options: HDMI, USB, LAN
  • USB plug-and-play for use with any UC platform
  • High compatibility: MJPG/H264/H265

One cable for everything

The UC P25 requires only a single cable for installation. An integrated PoE solution ensures that you can integrate the camera into the conference room in seconds.

  • Integrated PoE (Power over Ethernet) support
  • Built-in RSTP/RTMP encoder

The full HD PTZ camera for medium to large conference rooms.


Smooth Full HD video with a maximum frame rate of 60 fps.

Supports multiple camera control methods (IR Remote/Serial/IP/USB).

Experience lifelike video even in difficult conference room lighting conditions.

Easy plug-n-play - works with popular UC applications.

Exceptionally smooth, crystal clear video

Full HD video at 60 fps for a studio-quality experience.

Adaptive PTZ movement for precise images

With a preset accuracy of 0.1° for more precise images, the UC P15 automatically adjusts the pan and tilt speed to match the zoom level.

The camera's 90° tilt angle improves coverage and enables overhead shots.

Lockable USB Type-C interface for a secure connection

The latest USB 3.0 standard features a locking screw that securely connects the USB-C cable to the camera and prevents accidental disconnection. The ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface is backward compatible with the USB 2.0 standard and supports all major UC applications.

Effortless video transmission

With the integrated IP streaming encoder, streamed content can be transmitted live to popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

One cable for everything

Single-cable Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solution reduces installation costs and enables flexible deployment in a variety of scenarios. Supports multiple power inputs for additional redundancy.

Multiple control options

Customize camera control to the environment using multiple control options, including web interface, software and USB, IP network, serial control, and infrared remote control.

Supports popular video conferencing platforms

Works with what you have. The UC P15 is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet and other popular platforms.

Collaboration at the highest level.


The BluetoothSpeakerphone for video/telephone conferencing

With the new Speakerphone generation BM35, you can achieve a new level of audio quality in meetings. The combination of crystal clear sound and a powerful pick-up range brings real added value to any small to medium sized conference room.

Improve conference quality with excellent sound

Portability and functionality combine in a powerful audio device designed for better meetings. The BM35 is optimized to capture and reproduce voices clearly.

The BM35 is proof that big things can come in small formats. This compact powerhouse offers perfect, pristine sound.

Excellent treble and bass

Tweeter + woofer combo speaker

80Hz-18kHz covered sound frequency

Wide coverage without distortion

360° omnidirectional audio algorithms capture voices from up to 6 meters away.

A powerful 8-microphone array ensures comfortable conversations as every detail can be heard loud and clear.

Put an end to background noise

State-of-the-art reverberation cancellation reduces unnecessary distractions to an absolute minimum. Even in glass meeting rooms, the BM35 intelligently absorbs echo and localizes voices, for comfortable conversation. Supported by AI noise cancellation and AEC, the BM35 filters out ambient noise to improve concentration and foster collaboration.

Consistent volume for more pleasant conversations

With the BM35, your conversation partners have the feeling that you are right there in the room. Intelligent algorithms dynamically adjust the volume of participants' voices to ensure consistent output at the other end. Thanks to the automatic gain control, volume fluctuations are reduced to a minimum, even when participants move around while speaking.

Enable more natural communication

Bring meeting participants closer together with realistic, interference-free sound. Thanks to full-duplex audio, both parties can communicate in real time without interruptions. The BM35 distributes audio from both sides through separate channels for a natural approach in hybrid meetings.


Bluetooth gives you the freedom to adapt the BM35 to any conference room. Connect it via True Wireless Stereo to extend the pick-up range of your microphones and double your range. The BM35 can accommodate as well as broadcast more than 20 people, and also offers great stereo sound.

Flexible, like your team

Connect the BM35 to your devices any way you want, with a variety of options to choose from: USB-C type plug-and-play ports, Bluetooth dongles, and NFC connections.

Keep the conversation going

With the built-in 4400MAh battery, you'll never have to interrupt a meeting again. You can collaborate seamlessly for up to 15 hours without any annoying power issues.

Video conferencing in outstanding quality - no matter where you are.


The compact and lightweight design of the MAXHUB UC W20 4K conference webcam, with a video feature that's available anytime, anywhere, makes it your ultimate partner for 4K conferencing convenience.

4K premium video for incredible visual detail

The UC W20 offers 4K image quality at 30 fps. This provides a detailed and smooth display that takes their video conferencing to a new level. Thanks to H.264 video compression, a 13 MP sensor, an 80-degree field of view, and a unique noise reduction algorithm, you'll get clearer images than ever.

  • 4k at 30 fps
  • 13 MP sensor
  • Noise reduction algorithm

Ideal sound experience no matter where you are

The integrated 2-way microphone array picks up sounds from up to four meters away. Combined with a proprietary noise reduction algorithm, the UC W20 provides sensational sound without background noise or distortion.

  • 2-fold microphone array
  • Noise reduction algorithm

Reduction of image noise ensures great videos and photos

The UC W20's pioneering 2D and 3D DNR technology delivers the best image quality. Even in low-light conditions, this noise reduction technology ensures a sharp and clear image for videos and photos.

  • 2D and 3D DNR

Lightning fast autofocus puts you in focus

As soon as you sit down in front of the camera, the UC W20 recognizes your face in seconds and sets the focus accordingly. Autofocus ensures optimal image quality from the first second of the meeting. T-Lens® technology ensures a seamless change of focus.

  • Autofocus
  • T-Lens®

Multi-angle rotation any type of positioning

The flexible monitor mount ensures that you can quickly and easily adjust the position of your UC W20 camera. Stage what you want to focus on and enjoy horizontal rotation up to 360 degrees with 10-degree angle adjustment.

  • Horizontal 360° rotation
  • Different angle adjustment (≤10°)

Plug-and-play single unit with USB Type-C connection

Start meetings faster thanks to the simplicity of plug-and-play. Connect your device via the Type-C USB port and start your meeting without delay. No additional adapters, cables or drivers are required.

Compact - Versatile possibilities


Style meets functionality - the sleek, compact metal design combines mobility and ruggedness with intuitive controls and displays. From one-touch mode switching to LED voice position display, the UC M40 transforms even the most challenging spaces into productive meeting rooms.

Fits in the palm of one hand

The UC M40 combines a 360° camera, speakers and microphones in a design that is as mobile as it is elegant.
Just as impressive: the camera requires no external devices or time-consuming settings. User-friendly right from the start.

Standalone mode - Ready when you are.

Plug in the USB port and start your meeting. In standalone mode, the UC M40 provides full performance immediately.

Free from software installation
No need to install software or configure complicated settings. Choose your collaboration scenario with a simple tap and the intelligent speaker tracking technology and 360° camera will do the rest.

AI auto-tracking technology | Simultaneous two-way voice tracking

Disscusion mode

Splitscreen mode

Panorama mode

Quad view mode

Portrait mode

Compose mode

Beamforming mode

Professional mode - for demanding performance

Have special requirements for your meeting? Activate Professional mode and you can adjust a variety of settings, from camera angles to custom display layouts and auto-framing settings. The UC M40 may be small, but it can deliver exactly the meeting experience you want.

Compose mode
By combining panorama and close-up views, you can view the entire room and see up to six participants in close-up at the same time.

Manual mode
Zoom into a specific area anywhere in the room.

Body-fit mode
Focus on all participants.

Grid Mode
See close-up images of four participants simultaneously, each in their own quadrant.

Seeing the big picture


Even in the smallest room. Make the most of limited space with immersive full-screen technology that captures every participant from far left to far right.

Impressive 4K UHD

Clarity with which they no longer miss a detail

Get ready for a big leap in image quality. Thanks to advanced optics and breakthrough technology,
the UC M31 delivers vivid, excellent video conferencing.

Six video layouts, all at the touch of a button

You have to see it to believe it. The UC M31 offers layout options for any communication scenario, from a single lecture to a brainstorming session with multiple participants.

  • Compose mode
  • Manual mode
  • Grid mode
  • Panorama mode
  • Presentation mode
  • Speaker mode

Auto tracking, follows the conversation

Collaborate naturally. The UC M31 not only recognizes meeting participants and puts them in focus, but also tracks speakers as they move around the room.

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