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Smart Conference & Collaboration Solutions

Huddle65M -

Mobile and wireless. The working world has changed - today we work in hybrid teams. Spontaneous meetings take place in the form of video conferences. This calls for new complete solutions that leave nothing to be desired.

Your meeting starts now

Whether Meeting space, huddle space or meeting lounge - the mobile all-in-one solution Huddle65M transforms any room (up to 25 sqm and 14 participants) into an interactive working environment for hybrid meetings. Plug in, connect, get started - easily and immediately.

Perfectly staged

The 65″ 4K touch display, video soundbar, wireless collaboration and motorized height adjustment perfectly showcase all participants and make virtual meetings real.

Wireless conferencing and collaboration

The included KLICK&SHOW K-FX supports all major UC platforms and connects wirelessly to the display and video soundbar, making control a breeze. In addition, content can be shared and edited from all devices, regardless of operating system.

Everything fits together perfectly

Don't waste a thought on compatibility, cabling or integration. All components are perfectly matched to make hybrid meetings not only an experience, but also productive. And at a fantastic price-performance ratio.

Mobile and wireless

CommuniKam KVB120
TD-1165 65" Touch Display
CablePort desk2

CommuniKam KVB120

The all-in-one video soundbar brings video conferences to life. The integrated UHD camera with auto-framing and voice localization brings the respective speaker into focus. The 6-fold microphone array and 2x 7 W speakers ensure perfect sound.

TD-1165 65" Touch Display

This touch display with state-of-the-art technology meets the highest demands: 40 touch points at 4K UHD resolution, an antibacterial surface for hygienic collaboration even with many users, a high-precision infrared touch frame for exact object recognition and much more - make teamwork and presentations easy.

DisplayLift, motorized display stand

The rollable, electrically height-adjustable display stand offers the best stability and safety. The high-quality lifting column made of anodized aluminum can be adjusted in height by 50 cm.


This intuitive conferencing and collaboration solution wirelessly connects your notebook to the display and video soundbar. Start hybrid meetings with all major UC platforms in seconds. You can also share and edit content wirelessly.

CablePort desk²

The high-quality and stylish table connection panels have a modular design and can be equipped individually. They are available in different housing sizes, which can be equipped with sockets, USB chargers or other interfaces as required.

The motorized height-adjustable DisplayLift with four casters is easy to move. Cables and KLICK&SHOW are elegantly integrated. Thanks to the rear cover, the display mount is not visible.


Kindermann Touch display TD-1165, article no. 3050 000 042Latest generation 4K touch display, 65 inches with antibacterial glass, 40 touch points, Zero Bonding, 2.0 sound system, USB-C, SOC, 8 GB RAM, cloud-based remote device management SW (subscription model), annotation, whiteboard SW and more...
Kindermann KLICK&SHOW K-FX USB-C KitFully integrated wireless transmission, collaboration and wireless video conferencing (BYOD and BYOM), no room PC/host required, 2-level encryption, supports brilliant full HD camera resolution (1080p30) and more...
Kindermann HDMI transmitter for KLICK&SHOW K-FXThe HDMI transmitter plugs into the HDMI output of a notebook. It behaves like a display that is connected via cable. No driver is required. 2 HDMI transmitters are included in the delivery.
Kindermann Tray for transmitterA tray for 4 transmitters is included.
Kindermann Video soundbar CommuniKam KVB120High-quality video soundbar, 4K / 107° HFOV camera, AI features like auto-tracking, face and voice recognition, 6-way microphone array, 2x 7W speakers, extremely good AEC and NR, USB 3.0 port.
Kindermann DisplayLift, motorized display stand with rollersElegant display stand with four casters and motorized height adjustment, stroke ratio +/- 50 cm, concealed cable management, two lockable compartments, easy to move.
Front tray for laptopsFront shelf for mounting on the center column of the DisplayLift, max. load capacity: 10 kg, dimensions of the shelf (max.): 46 x 24.8 cm (WxD)
Back coverCover for the display holder. The cover is screwed onto the display holder and closes it.
VESA mount for video soundbarFor the perfect attachment of the video soundbar KVB120 to the touch display.
3-fold socketTwo integrated 3-way sockets with GST18 input and output, for the perfect power supply within the system.
Power cableFive meter power cable

Optional accessories

Kindermann CablePort desk2*The high-quality and stylish table connection panels have a modular design and can be equipped individually. They are available in different housing sizes, which can be equipped with sockets, USB chargers or other interfaces as required. Sockets for CH, IT, F and GB as well as 1 m GST18 power cable optionally available.
CableSnake*For the safe laying of cables, there are cable snakes in various designs.

*Accessories available depending on country

Simply built and set-up

see for yourself with our Huddle65M unboxing video.

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