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Kindermann expands its product portfolio with UC products from Yamaha

The last months have impressively shown that web-based communication is becoming more and more important and indispensable in everyday office life. In line with this trend, Kindermann is expanding its product portfolio with professional UC products from Yamaha.

The product range of professional communication solutions from Yamaha UC is divided into 3 categories. From conference phones for a wide range of applications over videosoundbars as all-in-one solution with video and audio to professional, wireless conference microphone systems for the best audio quality in meeting rooms, training rooms or auditoriums.


We briefly introduce the product highlights here:


Videosoundbar CS700:

The CS700, developed for small meeting rooms, is an all-in-one device for audio-visual communication. Thanks to the Full HD camera with 120° field of view and the 4 built-in microphones with beamforming technology, you can use the CS700 to make any room a video conferencing room. The 4 built-in loudspeakers ensure that the remote station is clearly understandable. For a room with several participants, there is the possibility of connecting an optional microphone.
The CS700SP variant can even be integrated into a telephone system.


Personal speakerphone YVC-200

The portable speakerphone can be used with both USB and Bluetooth connection. A built-in battery ensures wireless calls for up to 10 hours.
Yamaha's unique audio signal processing ensures convenient remote communication - in a compact housing that fits in the palm of your hand.



The speakerphone for noisy environments YVC-330

The YVC-330 is a USB and Bluetooth speakerphone for open work areas and small to medium-sized conference rooms. 2 devices can be easily connected in series and used with a PC.

SoundCap mode turns noisy, open workspaces and offices of all kind into a place where remote communication works out well.


Scalable installation solution YVC-1000

The YVC-1000 consists of a speaker unit and a microphone.

The system measures the room acoustics by the push of a button and adjusts the settings optimally to the environment.

For larger meeting rooms, up to 5 microphones can be connected in series using Cat cables.

Yamaha's adaptive echo cancellation and other sound processing technologies ensures a stress-free conversation.


Optimal speech quality: Wireless HD-Microphone

The wireless microphones provide full flexibility in your meetings, whether as a table microphone with a 360° recording area or as a directional microphone. With the Yamaha HD microphone system you will be understandable at all times. The dual base station even integrates 2 microphones into a conversation.

The products are available now and can be demonstrated if required!


About Yamaha Unified Communications

Yamaha Unified Communications audio and video conferencing solutions make collaboration more efficient and increase productivity. Yamaha's renowned and quality-oriented approach to the development and manufacture of professional microphone systems, conference phones and video soundbars guarantees excellent audio quality, reliability and flexibility. Yamaha's Unified Communications (UC) products are available both wired and wireless, allowing users to have natural, clear conversations in any room.