Klick&Show product family grows

Created by Sigi Riedelbauch | |   Produktneuheiten

A new base unit and two new touch transmitters extend our award-winning wireless presentation solution Klick & Show! These support 4K UHD resolution without any additional drivers!

The new base unit has received a facelift and a technical update. Besides 4K-UHD resolution, mirroring of four participants at the same time is also supported. Furthermore, two new touch transmitters are now available.

In contrast to the previous transmitter, the TOUCH-H transmitter relies on a connection with an HDMI cable. This means that no additional driver is required, but the USB-A connection is still retained to ensure the power supply.

The TOUCH-UC transmitter, on the other hand, connects to the notebook via the USB-C port. However, this connection does not display a data interface but a video interface, which also eliminates the need for an additional driver.


The new products are an addition to the product family.


Detailed information about the other features can be found here