Now available: Klick & Show HDMI dongle

Created by Thomas Gerner | |   Signal management

This is the signal for the new variety of Klick & Show dongles!

The HDMI dongle connects wirelessly to visualizer, cameras, game consoles with any screen or projector.


The new Klick & Show HDMI Dongle makes many wishes come true - a software - and driver free usage of Klick & Show!

It works plug and play and connects to virturaly any HDMI output whether it is a video player, game console or visualizer and many others. An additional USB A port is required to to power the dongle. Good news is, any USB port providing 5V/500mA is fine which means a broad compatibility also to older devices without a more powerfull USB 3.0  port.

Connected to a Windows or Mac computer the USB port supports "touchback" functionallity to remote control the computer via any HID touchscreen connected to the base unit.

We are very proud about the high video performance and low latency of about 100 ms - a great improvement to the USB-A dongles - which are recognized as one of the fastest availble. 

The HDMI dongle are backwards compatible which means they could be used togehter with our broad base of installed K-10S basse units. Also a combined usage of USB and HDMI dongles on the same base unit is possible without limitations. (A free of charge firmware upgrade might be necessary).