New family member within Kindermann UC Portfolio

Created by Dominik Weichsel | |   Signal management

The all new 4K-video soundbar KVB120 from Kindermann is available now!

After the sucessfull developement of our CommuniKam K120M on the market and the video column KVC90 launching at the end of last year, we are pleased to present our newest addition to the family today.

It is an all-in-one video soundbar for use in smaller meeting rooms.


No more worries with the hardware! With the CommuniKam KVB120 you will...

...just start
Plug the power supply in and connect an USB cable to your PC to set up the KVB120. Nothing else is needed for the camera, speakers and microphones to be recognized and made available in any video conferencing software.

...see clearly
It has a 4K camera that ensures a pin-sharp image at all times. understood
The built-in 6-way microphone array ensures clear speech intelligibility for all participants, with a range of up to 6 m.

...ensure good sound
The 2 x 7 W loudspeakers ensure a clear and powerful sound image.

...concentrate on what is important
Built-in AI features like face-detection and voice localization enable optimised auto-framing. This means that the camera automatically adjusts the image section to the participants.
Voice tracking can also be used when auto-framing function is activated. The image will always aim at the individual participant who is currently speaking.


The KVB120 has a recommended retail price of €599 net and is available immediately.

Further technical information can be found in our web shop