NEW: AktivboxSets with power saving mode and Bluetooth

Created by Thomas Gerner | |   Produktneuheiten

Both new active box sets meet the justified desire for more sustainability through energy-saving products, thanks to the auto-standby function.

Loudspeakers are part of the standard equipment of every classroom or seminar room. Despite of a physical power switch, the boxes are usually not switched off, which means they constantly consume electricity: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
It is not a surprise that the standby consumption quickly becomes of interest as it could gain energy costs, not only because of the recent explosion of electricity costs but also because of the fact that schools or trainingscenters typically have many rooms.  

Here's an example calculation:
Let's assume that active speakers are used on 200 days a year for about 2 hours, or better to say the run in stand-by for 22 hours = 4.400 hours
Add the remaining days like weekends, holidays, etc. = 3960 hours 
Total: 8.360 hours

We have tested an found that the stand-by consumption of a popular active speaker set is 7,9 watts higher than the consumption of the AktivboxSet² 50+*. 
Multiply this with the standby time the additional consumption is 66 kw/h per year. 
According to BDEW the average cost of a kwh 2021 in Germany was 32,16 Cents. 
This results in a cost saving of around 21 € in 2021 and per room!
Not to mention the CO² emissions that can be saved over the years!

Apart from the power consumption, the technical data are a perfect fit for classrooms, seminar and meeting rooms:

  • Power: 2 x 25 W RMS​

  • Sound pressure level @ 1 m 91 dB

  • 1x RCA in, 1x balanced in

  • Wallmount including security cable

  • Tone control for bass and treble

  • Auto Standby function and power switch

The Kindermann Aktivbox² Set50+ BT comes with more features:

  • Bluetooth in with priority
  • IR remote and RS232 Interface 
  • 0-10 V Input for volume control though a wall plate

The products are available on stock for instant orders. 


*Measured after 5 minutes of inactivity, without audio playback. 
Biamp SDQ5P: 10,8 Watt
Kindermann Aktivbox Set² 50+: 2,9 Watt