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Black wall plates are beautiful!

Created by Thomas Gerner | |   MultiMedia connection systems

Wall plates in black or anthracite color are absolute trendy. The Kindermann Konnect design click wall plates are now available in anthracite to create a perfect design experience.

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Kindermann CablePort table cable outlet

Created by Thomas Gerner | |   Media furniture

Are you looking for a design cable outlet made of stainless steel, matching your Kindermann CablePort table?

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Konnect Adapter plate HDMI - AOC

Created by Norbert Döppler | |   MultiMedia connection systems

Transmit HDMI 2.0 cost-effectively and loss-free over long lengths

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Kindermann has expanded its range of USB chargers for CablePorts.

|   MultiMedia connection systems

Charge your smartphone, tablet or similar via USB directly via the Kindermann CablePort.

A wide variety of connection configurations are available for this.

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CablePort becomes international

Created by Sigi Riedelbauch | |   MultiMedia connection systems

Our CablePort series of desktop connection panels have always been characterized by their flexibility, as they can be equipped with various connections depending on the requirements.

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Price reduction CablePort desk² wave & CablePort desk² Multishare 31

Created by Sigi Riedelbauch | |   MultiMedia connection systems

Good news for the end of this year!

With these two desktop connection panels you get a lot of features for little money.

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