Adapter plates

Modular and versatile

The modular MultiMedia connection system can easily integrate computer, video, audio, control or network connections in socket systems, desktop casings, floor boxes and 19“ rack patch panels.

It puts an end to ugly cables lying or hanging around! Choose from the biggest product range on the market.

Ready for the future

The modular system can be expanded any time by adding more adapter plates.


Konnect Familiy

The high-quality adapter plates are available for various applications and in different designs and materials

Konnect design click

Konnect 50 alu/steel

Konnect 54 alu

Konnect flex 45 click

ApplicationsSuitable for the following applications
Socket systems 
CablePort basic/standard
CablePort desk/desk²
CablePort standard²
CablePort flex Modulträger
CablePort manager
Floor box kits  
19" rack patch panels  

Konnect adapter plates

The adapter plates are available with clamp-, soldering connection, gender changer and cable and plug

Cable and plug

Most adapter plates with cable and plug are available in 3 different sizes:

  • socket (f) / socket (f) with approx. 20 cm cable and plug
  • socket (f) / plug (m) with approx. 1 m cable and plug
  • socket (f) / plug (m) with approx. 3 m cable and plug

Media technology perfectly integrated

  • Modern and attractive design
  • No visible screws on the front plate, for a visually perfect integration
  • Front plate of white plastic (RAL 9010)
  • Extensive assortment of data and AV interfaces
  • High flexibility - to be configured according to customer´s wishes
  • Simplified mounting
  • Compatible with the latest socket systems of all manufacturers

Front plates in three sizes are included in the package

  • Suitable for socket systems with inner dimensions of 50 x 50 mm, 54 x 54 mm and 55 x 55 mm

Metal holder

  • With mounted communication interfaces
  • Isolated for floating mounting

Installation with the „click“

  • Easy and quick mounting
  • No tools needed

Installation example of a socket cover

Compatibility table 

alu 50/steel 50
alu 54
Konnect design
Berker S1, B1, B3, B7 Glass, Module 2, Arsys, K.1/K.5, 21 
 S1, B1, B3, B7 Glass
Busch-Jaeger   Solo, Future (Linear), Carat, Alpha exlusive, Alpha nea, Impuls, Busch-axent Pur stainless steel 
    Reflex SI (linear), Duro 2000 Si (linear), balance SI 
Elso Riva, Scala, Fashion (each only with ELSO-combi frame 55 x 55), Joy
Gira Event, E2, E22 white, Esprit, Standard 55, stainless steel, Aluminium, S-Color, Surface, S-Classic, E22, Classix (with Gira frame) 
 Event, E2, E22 white, Esprit, Standard 55
JungA 500, AS 500, AS universal, A plus, A creation,
LS design, AS universal, CD 500, ST 550, CD universal, CD plus
 A 500, AS 500, AS universal, A plus, A creation,
LS design, LS 990*, LS plus*, LS 990*, stainless steel*, aluminium*, anthracite*, pollished chrome*, gold
(*mit separate frame)
Hager/­TehalitKallysto pur, Kallysto stil, Kallysto art
KoppParis, Objekt HK05 
Legrand-BTicinoCreo, Galea Life
MertenAtelier, M-Arc, M-Plan, M-Smart, M-Plan II, M1, M-Star, Artec, Antik, Octocolor, System Basis, System surface, System M, Transcent 
 Atelier, M-Arc, M-Plan, M-Smart, 1-M, M-Star 
PehaStandard, Dialog, Nova, Aura
Presto-VedderRegina, Alessa, Alessa Plus, Fiorena
SiemensDelta i System, Delta vita, Delta miro, Delta profil, Delta style, Delta ambiente 
 Delta i System, Delta vita, Delta miro, Delta profil, Delta style, Delta ambiente each in combination with Siemens frame 55 x 55 mm