Kindermann touch displays

Professional touch displays for a healthy office and education environment

Kindermann introduces its new series of interactive touch screens equipped with the latest state of the art technology and collaboration software to support both education as well as business and collaborative environment.

Kindermann touch screen series is equipped with a front glass which is not only durable, high transparent and anti-glare, but an antibacterial coating which helps to keep users healthy by killing bacteria.

Pre-installed Apps

Software features

S-Write Whiteboard app & annotation software

The app works like a digital flipchart or blackboard and allows users to make annotations, sketches etc. while using digital ink. There are various backgrounds with different rulings available.


Annotation tools

The annotation function allows you to annotate on the Android home screen or any App.


Technical data

Further information about the new Kindermann touch displays can be found on the Kindermann website in the product area