CablePort desk²

Technology meets design

Today conference and office furniture must feature mains, network and multimedia interfaces for the use of digital media.

The new CablePort desk² combines technology, functionality and a top design. The plain style and the striking radius of the curving metal parts contribute to the unique design.

The flexible clamp mechanism of the CablePort desk² guarantees its universal use in the modern office world.

  • Mains and data cables can thus be fixed to the desktop as required, without causing any damages
  • Individual configuration possible with Konnect flex click 45 Multimedia adapter plates, in addition media control, switches, EnOcean button, USB recharger etc. available
  • On demand the CablePort desk² can be delivered with international mains sockets

Availabe in two lengths – 4-fold and 6-fold

Anodized aluminium or powder-coated steel

Concealed clamps for easy and anti-slip mounting
on desktops 10 - 60 mm

A cable chain guides the cables from the desk to the floor box or wall channel

CablePort desk² 80

  • For mounting on cable feedthroughs with 80 mm diameter
  • Easy and comfortable to install
  • No additional cut in desktop needed
  • For desktops 8 - 50 mm thick

CablePort desk² 80 turn

  • Optional accessory for CablePort² 80
  • Rotatable up to +/- 150°, 30° steps, height 25 mm, -8° tilted
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • For desktops 8 - 50 mm thick

CablePort desk² duo

Power and data connectors from two sides

Conference or work places and training facilities often need to provide two-sided access to power and data connectors.

In its 4-fold design, the new CablePort desk2 duo provides 2x2 power sockets plus 2x2 empty panels for individual configuration.

Installation can be accomplished by a 60 mm or 80 mm cable grommet in the desktop to directly route power lines and data cables downwards.

The product can also be deployed between two working spaces in the office.

Application example
between two desktops


CablePort desk² duo air

Design desktop connection panel for two-sided use with integrated wireless presentation solution for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

Up to 3 sources can be connected by HDMI cable and an additional wireless receiver allows users to connect their mobile device via Miracast or Airplay which is included on Android and Apple products. The video and audio signal are transmitted wirelessly, without compression and virtually latency-free to a receiver connected to a display or projector. Good news - no drivers are required and the ShowMe buttons make it very intuitive to use. Alternatively the auto-switching mode can be activated.

  • 4-fold housing, powder-coated, RAL 7015 slate grey
  • 2 x mains (Schuko), GST18 power cable, 1 m
  • Inputs: 3x HDMI
  • Wireless-Input: Miracast/Airplay compatible via 4.2 / 5 GHz Wifi
  • Output (CablePort): WirelessHD 60 GHz (latency about 5ms, distance about 10m LoS), 1 x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm stereo jack on the bottom side, (Receiver): 1x HDMI, 1x MicroUSB to PSU
  • Max. Resolution: Wireless output up to 1080P/WUXGA, HDMI output up to 4K@30Hz
  • compatibility: HDMI 1.4b, HDCP 1.4
  • ideal to be used on a desktop with a standard cutout of 60/80 mm diameter or simply between two tables

CablePort desk² wave

The new desktop connection panel CablePort desk² wave reflects the current smart phone developments.

The casing provides an integrated tray that allows for wireless inductive charging complying the Qi standard.

The CablePort desk² wave is made of anodized high- quality aluminum and provides 2 power socket (Schuko) and a USB charger (2xUSB type A/1.5A)

Unused space can individually be configured using Konnect flex 45 click panels.

CablePort desk²

New solutions for new challenges

The new members of the CablePort desk² wave and CablePort desk² duo family integrate into the product port- folio of the award-winning CablePort desk² series.

Konnect flex 45 click

Connector panels

The portfolio is complemented by two new connector panels for charging smart phones by USB cable .

With a retractor integrated into the panel, the cable can be pulled out by up to approx. 15” (40cm).

Options are: 1 USB micro plug and 1 USB type C plug. Backside provides both options with a USB type A plug.

Maximal supported charging current: 5V/2A.