Simple, flexible and driverless - the new Klick & Show

Kindermann GmbH continues the success story of its wireless presentation solution Klick & Show and takes the next step. At the ISE 2020 in Hall 5/R-30 Kindermann will be presenting a new base unit and new transmitters for HDMI and USB-C ports - without additional software. Hence Kindermann is probably one of the very few suppliers to combine both worlds in one product family.

Wireless presentation solutions enjoy great popularity. But especially in large companies with strict security guidelines, necessary driver installations cause problems. In most cases, the notebooks of employees are strongly administrated and the installation of additional software is blocked. Kindermann reacts to this and now offers driverless dongles in addition to the existing TOUCH transmitters as well as a new base unit. This makes the solution a universal all-purpose weapon for conference rooms of all kinds. Thanks to the possibility of connecting interactive devices and the simultaneous playback of up to four screens, each with Full HD, meetings become even more productive.

Like a HDMI cable

The "TOUCH-H" transmitter, unlike the existing USB-A transmitters, is based on the connection via HDMI. This means that no additional driver is required as this dongle transmits the video data from the laptop as if it was connected to the display device with an HDMI cable. The picture quality is impressive with 1080p at 60 Hz and for the power supply the transmitter is additionally equipped with a USB type A connection.

Video interface via USB-C

The "TOUCH-UC" transmitter connects the notebook via USB-C connection to the Klick & Show base unit. Unlike competitor products, however, this connection does not act as a data but a video interface which means that the dongle is recognized as an additional screen. It has the advantage that the TOUCH-UC transmits the image to the display device without additional drivers. This is Kindermann's reaction to the continuing trend that latest notebook generations increasingly have USB-C interfaces instead of HDMI. Here too, the images are reproduced at 60 Hz in 1080p.

New base unit with more features

Since companies often have two different internet accesses for employees and guests, the wireless presentation solution in use should also be capable of this. For this purpose Kindermann will present the new Klick & Show base unit K-40 at the ISE 2020 which has two LAN ports to provide separate access for employees and guests. On the other hand it also supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), so an additional power connection is not mandatory. For easy implementation into existing media control systems the new unit has an RS232 port to provide additional control via IP.

Make meetings even more interactive

The Klick & Show base unit K-40 offers 4K resolution which allows the simultaneous presentation of up to four screen contents in Full-HD. A maximum of 14 participants can connect to the Klick & Show. The presenter can view, check and release the content of the participants. Whiteboard and annotation tools simplify the collaboration and make meetings even more interactive.