Kindermann records victory against Barco

Barco N.V. has sued Kindermann GmbH on patent matters relating to the wireless presentation system "Klick & Show". Now the Duesseldorf District Court has reached its first-instance judgment: the suit has been dismissed.

Already at the ISE 2018 Barco tried to seize the Klick & Show at the Kindermann booth and to get an immediate ban on sales. However, neither of these measures could be enforced. Kindermann was very well prepared and during the development of the wireless presentation system took care not to infringe any of the competitor's patents, but instead to design a solution that works with an independent process.

Barco's lawsuit against Kindermann covered several points, all of them were dismissed as unfounded by the Duesseldorf District Court. The court is known for its competence in patent matters, so even if the judgment is not yet final and Barco can still appeal, it should have a cross-border signal effect

In addition, Kindermann is involved in opposition proceedings against Barco's patent at the European Patent Office. Here the company is not alone, other providers of similar collaboration solutions are also questioning the correctness of the patent.

"We are very pleased with the court ruling. Klick & Show has become a bestseller for us and we will continue to write the success story. It encourages us to continuously develop this wireless presentation solution further and to expand the product family", says Timo Meissner, Managing Director of Kindermann GmbH.