Kindermann launches its own touch display series

After a year full of planning, discussions and secrecy the time has finally come: at ISE 2020 Kindermann GmbH will present their first own touch displays at their booth – hall 5/R30. In addition to 4K UHD resolution and 20 touch points, the displays have further innovative features such as an antibacterial front glass.

Whether in companies or in the educational sector, touch displays enjoy great popularity. The Kindermann brand is still well-known in schools and stands for high quality products. Thus it was time for the company to launch its own touch display series. The range includes 55, 65, 75 and 86 inch displays. They convince with a modern design with very slim bezel and less weight. The 86-inch display weighs only 77 kg which makes the installation easier.

In addition to 4K UHD resolution and 20 touch points the displays have a highprecision infrared touch frame that enables precise object recognition, for example thick and thin pens or the hand being used as "eraser".

Comfort in all facets

Kindermann has developed its own intuitive user interface for the new displays which works on the integrated Android 8 operating system and ensures easy handling. The many preinstalled apps bring additional features. They range from an integrated BYOD app to the Adobe PDF reader up to a camera app that enables the integration of visualizers in the classroom.

The integrated brightness sensor and the low blue light function, which helps to protect the eyes from harmful blue light, ensure the best visual comfort over a longer period of viewing time. But the comfort does not stop here. For an easy connection of wired devices common connectors are located in the front, just as the operating buttons. Of course the displays have an OPS (Open pluggable Specification) slot for the integration of a suitable PC. The Dynamic USB port in the front connects to both, the OPS (Windows) and the Android operating system. An additional driver is available for using the multi touch functionality under MacOS. A magnetic bar is installed under the display to hold the included styluses when not in use.

Antibacterial surface

The antibacterial-coated front glass of the new Kindermann touch displays can be titled a highlight. Especially in schools where many teachers and students use the touch display every day, protection against the transmission of bacteria and germs is highly important and prevents the spread of disease. The antibacterial protection remains intact even under intensive use and frequent cleaning.