For productive meetings: The new Klick & Show

Kindermann has added a new dimension of functionality with the firmware update 3.0 to the Klick & Show product family. It makes meetings even more productive and enables seamless integration into existing enterprise networks. Firmware 3.0 is available free of charge for all Kindermann Klick & Show K-10S kit systems and K-10L Lite systems. The new Klick & Show includes four highlights: Win10 extended desktop, whiteboard and annotation tools, security levels and the dual network feature.

Win10 Extended Desktop

The desire voiced by many Klick & Show users to mirror the extended desktop of the laptop has been realized in the new release 3.0. This allows, for example, PowerPoint presentations to be carried out perfectly now, as the moderator can show the current slide wirelessly on the main screen, while on the desktop he can display this and the following slide and notes, which facilitates slide-forwarding for the presenters. The new universal PC client has the added benefit of being able to choose between mirroring the primary or secondary (extended) laptop desktop*. The extended desktop feature is easily accessible via the auxiliary settings of the Windows universal PC client.

Whiteboard & Annotation

The whiteboard and annotation tools are further expansions to make collaboration even more productive - whether in business or education. The whiteboard tool opens up a new blank canvas so that ideas can be captured, as is common in brainstorming, for example. The annotation feature allows to add comments to all content displayed on the main screen. Both tools come in a variety of pen styles and colors to choose from to draw or create various predefined shapes such as rectangles or ellipses. Of course, the content created can be saved and downloaded for later use. The whiteboard and annotation tools work well in combination with modern interactive touchscreens.

Security levels

Cutting-edge collaboration requires a high level of security to ensure data protection. Kindermann has set up new security levels in the Klick & Show upgrade. They allow you to select three presets to customize your personal security level, including parameters such as dynamic password assignment, data encryption, AirPlay PIN code, and more. All security levels are based on the previous ones.

Dual Network

The dual network feature allows IT administrators to separate the wireless routing of presentation data, including internet access, between guests and employees during a meeting. This is an essential security requirement in many corporate networks. Based on the integrated fast IEEE 802.11n / ac WLAN access point and the additional wired Ethernet LAN port, Klick & Show can now be adapted to individual network scenarios, including "direct connection" or various "infrastructure modes". It also enables the seamless integration of Klick & Show into large corporate networks, regardless of whether employees or guests present transmitters with their integrated laptop WiFi or the Klick & Show TOUCH Transmitter.

The new firmware update is available for download at .

(* currently only available for Windows operating system)