Projection screen 1x1

The proper type of screen

Which screen is to be preferred first of all depends on the application. For frequent shows in the same location a screen installed on the wall or ceiling should be considerd, either for electrical or manual operation, with or without frame. For shows in different locations a tripod screen resp. a portable screen is the better solution.

How to choose the proper height of the screen?

  • Height of the screen
    ~ 1/6 of its distance to the last row of seats 4:3
    ~ 1/4 of its distance to the last row of seats 16:10
  • Distance between the screen and the first row of seats
    = height of screen x 1.5
  • Minimum of distance between the screen bottom and the floor
    = 60–90 cm for home cinema use
    > 1.25 m if the audience is sitting
    > 1.60 m if the audience is standing
  • Consider the ceiling height

How to choose the proper picture format

The proper light output of the projector

The light intensity reflected by the projection screen is measured in lux. For an optimal picture quality the ratio between the lux value of the projected image and that of the room light should be at least 5:1, or even better > 10:1.

Projection screens

How to choose the proper screen fabric

Viewing angle
The viewing angle of the projection screen indicates the maximum angle at which the projected image is still clearly visible. The brightness of the image decreases when the viewing angle increases. The maximum angle is the point where the viewers are exposed to less than 50 % of the light intensity of the image

Reflection factor (Gain):
 The reflection factor (Gain) indicates the intensity of the reflection. The basis for determining the reflection factor is magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) which does not absorb light but reflects it evenly - this corresponds to the reflection factor Gain 1.

Screen fabrics

Matt white:
Matt white is one of the most versatile screen fabrics with a large viewing angle. Therefore this screen fabric is the ideal solution for surroundings in which the room light can be controlled and in which an especially large viewing angle is required.

Matt white/SE - flame retardant screen fabrics:
Flame resistant according to fire safety regulations B1, DIN 4102.

  • Thickness: ca. 0,7 mm
  • Weight: ca. 800 g/m²
  • Surface: PVC coated polyester on both sides
  • No. of certificate: P-BRA09-3165407



The reflective coating of this screen fabric provides more brightness, which reduces the viewing angle. Therefore this fabric is suitable if the room light cannot be controlled and a projector with a smaller light output is used. 

Da-Tex® is a special fabric for rear projection, e. g. the projector is behind the screen and the image is transmitted through diffusion to the front surface of the screen.

EasyInstall installation and connections

The flexible mounting system “EasyInstall“ makes the installation of projection screens even easier. This saves time and installation costs.

EasyInstall installation
Start with fixing the two mounting brackets on the wall or ceiling in a distance of up to 50 cm from both edges of the screen.

Then simply click the projection screen onto the brackets and fix it with a screw.

EasyInstall connections
The cover on the left side of the projection screen can be removed to get access to the special EasyInstall plug. This plug can be connected to the supplied mains cable.

The plug & play system also works with the EasyInstall accessories. Thus a motorized projection screen can be simply updated with a remote control or connected to a media control without the need of an electrician.

Easy maintenance
The access to the projection screen for maintenance has been simplified. Even when the unit is installed in a false ceiling, there is free access to the motor and the screen.

The lower cover can be taken off and is secured by two safety ropes.