Digital doorsigns

Kindermann doorsign epaper 6"

In the digital door signs an epaper display is used as it is common in standard Ebook readers. In contrast to LCD displays, they are extreme energy savers and consume electricity only when the presentation changes or the background light is on.

This technology guarantees an operating time of several years with three standard AAA batteries (if presentations change twice a day). The data transfer is via radio. Therefore the Doorsigns don’t need any wiring, which makes an installation possible at any time and reduces installation costs considerably.

The excellent value and the low installation costs lead to cost reductions quickly.

All advantages at one glance

  • Easy wireless installation
  • Radio controlled, battery operated
  • Low energy consumption
  • Batteries last for several years
  • Installation on glass walls possible
  • Excellent value

Scheme of system

Ideal for:

  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, universities
  • Conference rooms

Operation and control

The user feeds a booking system with his dates and information.

The software in the background automatically produces the texts and transmits them via radio to the connected doorsigns.

In addition to the connection with the Exchange Server 2010 we recommend the Easescreen eSign Server especially in case of larger installationss.

eSign – room booking system

The first impression counts! In the digital era digital door signs in combination with event programmes on large screen displays in the lobby help to attract visitors and customers by creating a professional modern atmosphere.

eSign is a special version of the digital signage software. It is a room booking system which automatically sends the information to the displays or information terminals in entrance lobbies or in front of conference rooms. All the contents and layouts can easily be determined individually.

The programming of room bookings is done via a separate HTML page. According to the programming the wall displays and terminals are automatically fed with the data.

Easescreen is compatible with all standard databank formats and room booking systems (Access, Outlook/Exchange Fidelio, etc.).

A customized solution can be offered on demand if the existing room booking system is not compatible.

eSign Server


  • Based on Windows
  • Booking of additional resources, e. g. catering, technical equipment etc.
  • Data exchange with the administration of existing resources, e. g. Exchange or Google calendar
  • Password authorization
  • Can be connected with door signs based on WindowsCE or epaper technology
  • Integrated data base for customer logos

The licence model of the eSign server depends on the number of connected rooms

Software Ref. No.
eSign Server small – up to 3 rooms 8734 200 003
eSign Server medium – up to 10 rooms 8734 200 010
eSign Server company – up to 25 rooms 8734 200 025
eSign Server unlimited – without limit 8734 200 999

Additional options

Software Ref. No.
eSign Server - Exchange, import interface 8734 200 100
eSign Server - Google Calendar, import interface 8734 200 101
eSign Server - XML/CSV, import interface 8734 200 001
eSign – WindowsCE, client 8734 100 004

Calendar function
The calendar shows the booking dates and the open dates 

A mask supports the booking entries

Booking resources
Technical equipment, catering, room equipment, interpreters etc. can be administered as resources

Preview function
Any booking can be pre-viewed before publishing it 

A customer logo can be added to any booking